The Collective Saint🖤

Fall Feels

Hey Friends!

I just wanted to touch base a little end of summer feelings...I mean don't get me wrong I love summer and often long for those hot days in the sun, but fall is coming! My absolute fave!  

Pumpkin and various fall scents filling my home and boutique....

"I'm Too Old To Wear That"

Blah, blah, blah.If I had a dollar for everytime that I have heard women say
that in our store, I’d be rich. I have learned to embrace my age of 53 years.
I’m not going to lie, sometimes that number gets stuck somewhere in the
back of my throat....

Back to the Basics

Summer is finally here and as much as we dread the south Georgia heat, nothing beats being able to lay out by the pool or go to the beach and just be able to enjoy those much awaited summer days. Summer has always brought a sense of relaxation for me and that all of our problems can easily be forgotten when laying out on the beach. 

For us in the fashion world, summer brings...

Sweet Summertime

Most of my sweetest memories were the excitement of summer. My family would load everything that we needed for the next two weeks in the back of my Dad’s pick-up truck and 15 foot camper and take off to the wild west. We weren't “on vacation” until we crossed over that Louisiana state line. The picture below, is a picture of me and my brother....

What's For Dinner?!

What's For Dinner?! A daily question that comes from my husband during one of our phone calls during the day. My husband is an amazing cook, but it is a rare site to see him in the kitchen haha! I don't mind though...


At the beginning of the year, Kaitlyn wanted us to pick a word that we would try to either work towards or to implement into our lives. After thinking about exactly what I wanted for the year of 2022, I decided on…

Clean Slate

Clean Slate

Have you ever wanted to start fresh? Have a “clean slate” in your life? This morning, as I grabbed this face mask from my bathroom stash to do a little self-care with my free time, it made me think about some recent changes that I have begun to make in my own life. As I looked at this little package, it reads, - Removes Impurities + Refresh. For the last five months, I have decided to take…

Swim Collection 2022 👙

We are so excited to have our 2022 swim collection released!  Your little saints have been looking forward to sharing the collection with yall for so long! I hope that yall are loving this years styles and prints!

Just like with everything we offer we want yall to feel so confident this summer for all the beach days!  I even participated....

My Saint Journey

My journey began when I first started working at Southern Saint in May of 2019. It is crazy to think that I have almost been here for 3 years but I guess when you love what you do, time goes by fast. I have been so incredibly thankful that I have had the opportunity to not only work for Kaitlyn and Kate but to have gained a second family in the process. I started working here when I was 17 years old and to be able to watch two powerful women not only run an amazing business but to create such a welcoming and loving environment for women to come is just what I needed in that time of my life. 

LOL to be honest, this job was supposed to be something temporary while I was still in high school but it quickly...

Choosing Gratitude 🤍

This blog post about gratitude was written on an airplane last Tuesday night, I am posting it now and keeping it the way it was written.  I want to share with yall where my head was at that moment.  As you read understand that I had my up and downs of gratitude during this period, but I kept going back to being thankful.  

With the Valentine's Day approaching..I want you to really think about what you have been praying for maybe its someone to love, someone in your family or anything that you have your heart set on.  Having gratitude is not easy during the waiting period and know God is working in the waiting.

Tuesday February 1st: 

Ya know… I was planning a whole Valentine’s Day gift guide blog post because I was feeling all the February vibes today!

 But life threw me a little curve ball...

Welcome Home🌿

I’m going to start this with a quote. “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” - Nate Berkus. Just to tweak that quote a little. “Your store should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” - Kate Normand. 

When we had the opportunity to move into a larger space, my mind started swirling not of the possibilities of how much more inventory that we could hold (that’s Kaitlyn”s job) haha, but how I was going to decorate...

2022: Game Plan!

Most of us have entered the year with resolutions and expectations of what 2022 will bring.  It’s so easy to set resolutions but do you have a game plan for your goals?

A business goal this year is….