According to Kaitlyn

Its Been Awhile!

Well babes..its been awhile since I have wrote in my blog.  I could come up with several bad excuses, but honestly I will not bore you with them.  Instead lets just get into the good stuff!

First I am so thankful for...

Vacay or Stay-Cay?

Summer 2020 has not been what we all thought it would be...lets face it 2020 is TOTALLY not going as planned!

Since mid-May we have been open for in person shopping..finally..we can chat and shop in person with yall!  I have been asking customers if they were able to keep their summer vacation plans or if they were staying close to home.  Many have said they are...

The Classic

I am going to give you the classic about me for my first blog post.  I promise I will get into all the good stuff about life, fashion, and business soon! But for now you need to know who is Southern Saint?

Southern Saint Boutique was opened in 2017 in Saint Marys, GA. I am lucky enough to be the co-owner with my mom.  We are "the dream team" we call our self laughing after a crazy idea turns out great.  I absolutely love being in business with her. She is my best friend and the most trustworthy business partner I could ever ask for!

So who is.....