What's For Dinner?!

What's For Dinner?! A daily question that comes from my husband during one of our phone calls during the day. My husband is an amazing cook, but it is a rare site to see him in the kitchen haha! I don't mind though I am usually home in time to cook and prepare the meals.  It isn't so much the cooking, but deciding what to cook!  I try my best to plan ahead for the week & it does make it easier but it is hard!  It is hard to know what to cook and to think of new things to cook every week without going to the same ole things as always! 

Tonight, we decided to cook a meal together!  We prepared baked salmon, rice pilaf & asparagus. It was delicious and we enjoyed our time in the kitchen together!

What are your favorite dinner recipes? Do you like company in the kitchen or cooking alone?

Recipe We Used Found On Pinterest: Click Here

I failed on a dinner plate photo but here is a selfie we took together in our cooking in our pjs  🤪

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