My Saint Journey

My journey began when I first started working at Southern Saint in May of 2019. It is crazy to think that I have almost been here for 3 years but I guess when you love what you do, time goes by fast. I have been so incredibly thankful that I have had the opportunity to not only work for Kaitlyn and Kate but to have gained a second family in the process. I started working here when I was 17 years old and to be able to watch two powerful women not only run an amazing business but to create such a welcoming and loving environment for women to come is just what I needed in that time of my life. 

LOL to be honest, this job was supposed to be something temporary while I was still in high school but it quickly became a passion of mine. I never thought for a second that I would want to make a career out of this and I was actually trying to work towards a completely different career. But my love for not just fashion but Southern Saint grew so much and I cannot even think about wanting to leave. 

Being able to work alongside Kaitlyn and Kate has been so much fun, even though we sometimes bump heads about somethings lol. Having them as role models and my sometimes personal therapist has taught me so much as they both play a part in the person I am today. 

My Saint Journey has only just begun and I am so excited to not only see what my future holds here but to watch Southern Saint grow into an even more amazing company than it already is. 

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  • If you want a shop that has that something different than the run of the mill give Southern Saint Boutique a try. I buy gift cards but for you women you will not be disappointed!!

    Jack Husler (Kayla's Grandpa)

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