2022: Game Plan!

Happy New Year!

Most of us have entered the year with resolutions and expectations of what 2022 will bring.  It’s so easy to set resolutions but do you have a game plan for your goals?

A business goal this year is to grow (always) my business. In order to grow I know I need to carve out time in my day to learn and gain the knowledge to know how to grow and be a better leader to grow my team in knowledge & outreach! Prioritizing the time to schedule training time for myself is a must.

A personal goal of mine is to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. This will not just happen on its own I have to prepare to get up early go for a walk each day, journaling, doing my devotional each morning, and speak positivity in my life. I know I must do these things to achieve my goals of a healthy mind, body and spirit!

Side Goal: to fold the clothes and put them up when they are done drying but….🤪

I share this all with you to encourage you to have a game plan! What are your 2022 resolutions and what is your game plan to make those happen?

If you didn’t make a resolution this year tell us why you feel it’s important for you not to.


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