At the beginning of the year, Kaitlyn wanted us to pick a word that we would try to either work towards or to implement into our lives. After thinking about exactly what I wanted for the year of 2022, I decided on balance for my word. Last year was not necessarily a bad year for me but more of a learning year. It was a lot of ups and downs and just trying to navigate through early adulting. I needed to realize that I can be there for other people in my life but that did not mean to put myself last and set my own issues or feelings aside. So for the year of 2022, I need to be able to balance personal and business as well as be able to learn when it is okay to be selfish and choose myself.

Learning that it is okay to take a step back in order to put yourself first is something that was hard for me to do but it was very much needed to make sure that I had a good balance of being selfish and selfless and making myself better for it.

Sometimes balance is not for everyone but just taking the time to figure out what you need in your life and implementing small steps and goals in order to make that happen is the best thing in order to make sure you flourish on your own.

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