Choosing Gratitude 🤍

This blog post about gratitude was written on an airplane last Tuesday night, I am posting it now and keeping it the way it was written.  I want to share with yall where my head was at that moment.  As you read understand that I had my up and downs of gratitude during this period, but I kept going back to being thankful.  

With the Valentine's Day approaching..I want you to really think about what you have been praying for maybe its someone to love, someone in your family or anything that you have your heart set on.  Having gratitude is not easy during the waiting period and know God is working in the waiting.

Tuesday February 1st: 

Ya know… I was planning a whole Valentine’s Day gift guide blog post because I was feeling all the February vibes today!

 But life threw me a little curve ball so I will just write save my gift guide for another day because to be honest.. I’m just not feeling it.

 Our plan today was close the store at 4pm and head to Jacksonville to board our flight for Atlanta to go to the apparel mart! Excitement for the trip and the live we have been planning was whirling in the air at SSB!

 As we were standing gathering things to go live a literal shower…rain…waterfalls girls WATER coming from the ceilings it was crazy! Someone had just moved upstairs and their apartment had been flooding too! It was a mess! Chaos started with phone calls, mopping, buckets, and moving clothing!

All in the mist of our trip 😭 we were supposed to be leaving in a hour! Help came fairly quickly and started the clean up and fixing the issues. My husband and dad graciously insisted we continue with our plans and enjoy ourselves. They would make sure all was well at the store.

 Me, Kaitlyn Sizemore, a control freak…leave? This is our baby, our boutique! I felt anxiety, worry and defeat in that moment.

BUT God.. i remembered that God may not have stopped the chaos from happening but he paved the way for us to continue with our trip and take care of the boutique. He is in control and I need to give up mine. This is what I reminded myself as I got into the car to head to the airport. God is in control!

 As I let go control, worry and anxiety. I will chose gratitude:

 1. For us still being in the store when the leak started. (Not finding it after hours and hours

2. For it being fixable quickly

3. For God paving the way by giving me 2 sweet men to save the day for us to still make our flight

4. None of our product being damaged

God is in control, he provides and tonight as I sit on this airplane (bumpy ride) I choose gratitude! 

Lets just not save being grateful for thanksgiving, lets show gratitude during all seasons! What are you grateful for this Valentines Day Season?

🤍 yall, mean it!

PS. Update Our Store Front Is Opened, We were able to open Friday with regular hours!




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  • Love the way you worded things!

    One thing I’m grateful for this Valentine’s season, is family and friends!

    Jaleigh Woods

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