Sweet Summertime

Most of my sweetest memories were the excitement of summer. My family would load everything that we needed for the next two weeks in the back of my Dad’s pick-up truck and 15 foot camper and take off to the wild west. We weren't “on vacation” until we crossed over that Louisiana state line. The picture below, is a picture of me and my brother perched on one of many rocks, somewhere in Colorado.
The times were much simpler, and if I might add, BETTER, back then. Cell Phones or I-pads didn’t exist. So, what did we do for entertainment?  Something kids rarely do anymore, we looked out of the window, whizzing down the highway while my parents listened and sang along to country songs of whatever radio station they could pick up going through the towns. If we got bored of seeing endless trees or empty desert spaces, we would pick up our comic books that we brought with us. However, the best memories were our family togetherness. As a family, we saw and encountered new things. We took in the scenery together, shared meals around the campfire together. We just enjoyed being “together”. I think that is why I still today love Summer vacations. If you look at the other picture, it’s of me sitting by a mountain stream in The Smokies a few years ago. All of these years later, I still love what my parents have impressed into my soul. I think that’s why I love summer vacations so much. If you get the chance, take your family on one of these vacations.
Unplug from everything! Enjoy the outdoors, spend quality time with your family. Make “sweet summertime” memories for them......they will last forever. - Kate
picture of shoes in the rocks

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