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I’m going to start this with a quote. “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” - Nate Berkus. Just to tweak that quote a little. “Your store should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” - Kate Normand. 

When we had the opportunity to move into a larger space, my mind started swirling not of the possibilities of how much more inventory that we could hold (that’s Kaitlyn”s job) haha, but how I was going to decorate the new space. My passion is decorating so my creative juices started busting at the seams!! I couldn’t wait to tell the story of who Southern Saint was. When you walk into our store, you definitely get a sense of who we are. We are in love with the bohemian vibe while adding a little western flair here and there. But, most importantly, we wanted you to feel like you are walking into a place that you want to be. We want you to feel welcomed like you are walking into your best friend's home. After all, the reason that Southern Saint exists is because of you, our customers. We strive to make Southern Saint a place that you want to go, not only to shop, but feel good about yourself while you are there and once you leave. Our collections are picked out with you in mind. Most importantly, the collections that we choose reflect how we live our lives in our little south Georgia town, easy but with style. These are definitely collections of what we love. So, when you walk into our store…….welcome to our “home”.


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  • Thank y’all so much for creating a store that truly feels like home!!!

    Lisa Normand

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