Hydrojug Straw

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It is easy to add a HydroJug Straw to your HydroJug. It has a silicone bottom that will bend enabling it to close down inside the bottle when the flip cap is closed. Now you can drink from a straw and not worry about it tipping over in your car and spilling everywhere. The top of the HydroJug Straw is also removable so you can put it in the dishwasher or easily clean it by hand. The HydroJug Straw is versatile and great for protein shakes as well due to the width of the opening. Hands down this is the best straw you have ever used!

HydroJug Straw:

  • Can be closed inside your bottle
  • Has a removable top for easy cleaning
  • Has a silicone bottom pushes straw in place when opened