picture 1 inside of the Pasted Lift | 2 Colors

Pasted Lift | 2 Colors

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PastedLift is unlike any other Support Nipple Cover in the Market Our collection of lift adhesive pasties are of supreme quality - leaving your customers wanting PastedNip Refills once their current pair is worn

(1) Transparent color edges -- Ensures seamless blending into skin

(2) Matte Finish Material -- Flash-proof finish under all material types

(3) Realistic skin tones -- shades for skin-tone inclusivity; (a) light (b) medium (c) dark (4) Ultra Thin Material - Smooth covering -- No ribs or bumps

(5) Customized Hypoallergenic Silicone -- Hand-crafted to create skin safe & medical grade material

(6) Sweat proof PastedNip Adhesive Technology -- sweatproof/waterproof up to 10+ wears: TESTED We guarantee 100% nipple coverage - always. 

Sizing is inclusive of all shapes:

  • Big (A/B)
  • Bigger (C/D)
  • Biggest (D+)

Each PastedLift unit includes 1 pair of our premium lift & nipple cover pasty, 1 LiftKit, and 1 LiftKit Instruction Pack