Vacay or Stay-Cay?

Summer 2020 has not been what we all thought it would be...lets face it 2020 is TOTALLY not going as planned!

Since mid-May we have been open for in person shopping..finally..we can chat and shop in person with yall!  I have been asking customers if they were able to keep their summer vacation plans or if they were staying close to home.  Many have said they are staying close to home instead of the planned vacation. Customers have said they are camping, going to the local beaches and mini trips.


Although this has not been the ideal summer for vacations, what have you been doing this summer?  Instead of focusing on all the things that we did not get to do, what things were you able to do or get done while staying closer to home this summer?

If you were able to go on your vacation, what did yall do? How was it different? Give us all something to be jealous of ;)

My family and I spent time together, we had 3 sets of families visit us this summer.  We have enjoyed all the laughs and quality time spent.  We have enjoyed countless hours of the pool, golf, and just being together. 

Share with us your favorite 2020 summer outing or activity below!





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  • We got to spend our summer with the best Mimi, Pops, Auntie, Uncle Bud, Dez! We shopped, pooled it up everyday, ate some good food, must of all got to be together during these crazy times.

    Eloisa Normand

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