Swimwear: Comfort Zone Busted!

Comfort zone has been a topic of conversation and guidance among our team and brand ambassadors this month.  For the remainder of the year we will strive to push out of our comfort zone and strive for more! That is where the magic happens, right?

March we stepped out of our zone and launched our swimwear collection!  We knew that this is something that our customers would love having in our little coastal town plus we could serve our online customers as well with providing on trend quality swimwear!

Deciding to invest in swimwear was a big decision and a big change!  We know what you like with apparel and accessories, but were you going to love our swimwear? 

After choosing pieces we loved, next was photoshoot.  What better place for a swimwear photoshoot besides the beach right?! We are blessed for the beach to be so close to our little coastal town so we headed to the beach for the shoot!

Our ambassadors rocked the shoot! Everyone came together and encouraged each other and picked out swimwear that each model was comfortable and confident in!  It absolutely took some confidence to allow us to take swimsuit photos for us to post on social media and our website!  Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone!

Be sure to check out our swimwear collection instore and online!  We have swimwear for all shapes and sizes and allow you to mix and match top and bottoms.  We want you to feel confident poolside and at the beach this summer in your SSB Swim! 




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