Activewear Collab With Training Project

Our Activewear Collection is officially launched!  We are so excited for this fitness and activewear journey and hope that it can promote wellness within ourselves, followers and community!  We wanted to build a activewear collection that promoted confidence and could be worn inside and outside of exercise! 

We collaborated with Training Project a gym owned by husband and wife duo, Evan and Ashley here in Saint Marys, GA.  Evan has always wanted to open a gym and loves the sport of mixed martial arts.  They enjoy helping build others confidence and feel like they have found that in the gym themselves as well. 

I sent Ashley a few questions so I could tell yall about their business, Training Project and what drives them to balance business and family and let me just tell you while reading her answers..I just love this girl.  Her authenticity is gravitating and that is so rare in these times! She absolutely has a welcoming spirit and carries herself with confidence!
Me: Have you always had a passion for fitness & health?
Ashley: I have not. I was always a little over weight in high school, and after my first pregnancy I was just “stuck”. I gained a lot of weight and didn’t know what to do, how to do it or who to ask for help. To put it simply, I was unhappy and decided to change that. 
I learned a lot through YouTube and IG fitness influencers and grew from there. It sounds like a cliche but being in the gym has helped me so much more than just on a physical aspect, I’ve grown a lot as a person as well. 
My mentality has changed completely along with my confidence and how I choose to carry myself. 

Me: Best fitness/wellness tip?
     Ashley: Ask or seek help if you need it. 9/10 people are willing to help you. 
Don’t tackle everything at once. It’s great to have a lot of ideas on how to make your lifestyle a better one but implementing all those changes at once can be overwhelming and often times leads to burnout and you not accomplishing any of those goals. Taking one task and adding something else in month to month has helped me and my body transition well. 
Me: How do you want your members or people to feel while being at your gym?
       Ashley: I want everyone to feel comfortable and confident. I remember countless times walking into a gym and feeling out of place and not knowing what to do. Learning something new can be intimidating and uncomfortable but it’s in situations like that where you grow and thrive. 
Me: How do you balance having a business and a family?
       Ashley: There are two main factors that I’ve come to learn, the first being time management. It’s easy to take business home with you especially since a lot of work goes to answering emails, posting content and being active on social media. Allotting time for these tasks has helped a lot. 
And my second has been my husband as a partner. We both have goals in and out the gym and being open about it all helps us find a better balance in whole and also be there to support one other in these endeavors. 
What Does Training Project Offer: 
Mixed Martial Arts Including Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu
Kids Classes (Ages 5-13)
HIIT Womens Class
Follow Training Project:
Stay Tuned The SSB Girls May Be Going to Take a Class With Ashley Soon!
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