Re-Scent It--SCENTS [12 Scents]

Re-Scent It--SCENTS [12 Scents]

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1 oz Bottle of Scented Oil

Buy the Oil & Spray a Few Mists on the Hair Side of Your Charm as Needed!

Mixing & Changing the scent on the charm blends perfectly.

Oil Should Last A Year depending on usage

Look at description of scents on pictures of bottle!

Amarillo by Morning- smells like you are two stepping with George Strait
Endless Weekend-Yummy Fruity/Floral Blend
Country Clothes Line-Cotton Fresh
Pink Sugar- Super Sweet Scent
Leather & Lace-New Car Leather Scent
Baja Catus- fruity fresh
Butt Naked- Summer Time Beach
Watermelon Lemon- Sweet Summer Fruity Scent
Creme Brule-Sweet Coffee
Flannel--Mix Cozy Scent
bombsehll— Victoria secret
beautiful day— fresh fruity and light floral scent
high maintenance—sweet woods notes with musky undertones
pineapple cilantro—fruity summer tones